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Everything has an end, only the sausage has two

... could be a fitting subtitle for Paul Thuile's "Wurstfibel". After all, the cooking artist and artistic chef never limits himself to just one sausage or to just one attempt.

In the sausage-making class at Kristiania Lech, you will learn about the stories of Paul's childhood (and the importance of sausage for his mother and grandmother back then, when he way a child). There are also recipes and behind the scenes stories on several varieties of sausage. Throughout, Paul talks about life hacks and has lots of tips.

August 18, 2023 3.00 pm Kristiania Lech, Kitchen

EURO 86,00 per person

followed by a dialog between journalist Gabriele Crepaz and artist Paul Thuile, Kristiania Lech Secret Garden


Photo. c. Grossmutter Rosa Thuile mit Rekordsau, Fotoarchiv Paul Thuile