Private Winter Edition


We invite epicureans, art lovers, the adventurous kind and those who simply want peace of mind for a first-ever private winter season at Kristiania Lech. With unlimited gourmet delights included  and a limited number of rooms and suites, this is your chance to choose an extraordinary winter 2021/22.  

Gertrud Schneider & Team


Cosy evenings ma´am . . . ?

Your Journey starts here . . .


Privacy reaches new hights . . .


A seat and something sweet . . .?


Amuse me . . .

Winter experiences that will blow your mind

Easy, we have something for whatever you're into.

There's a private dance club for those who like it hot, snow picnics and snowshoe hikes for those who like things icy and other experiences that can be designed for your wildest fantasies

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Ask for an invitation here
(but don’t spread the word)

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