Events @ Kristiania Lech

Life at Kristiania private editions is a program full of curated experiences and a mountain escape different by design. Kristiania is famous for its fully unique style. Cozy elegance, delightful comfort, eclectic glamour, effortless artsiness - immersed in another dimension in which time loses all meaning. This magical atmosphere reigns both day and night and all winter and summer long.

All just for you

Enjoy the Kristiania Lech like a private chalet, just for you and tailored to your wishes. Let yourself be spoiled and inspired: the artwork constantly on display here is a true privilege for our boutique hotel. We create your heaven, whether it is to celebrate with your loved ones, bond with your colleagues, have a romantic alpine wedding or just prefer the privacy of a chalet, but with our effortless and typical Kristiania Lech style. Everything is possible, elegant and stylish. 

Please contact us to discuss the options of renting the Kristiania Lech just for you!

Rent exclusively