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Meet the Artist. Inge Dick

Artist talk with Gerda Ridler and Inge Dick

With the invention of photography in 1839, a new and remarkable phenomenon emerged in the history of images and the visual arts: photography opened up completely new possibilities. In 1947, the first instant camera was presented in New York by its inventor Edwin Herbert Land. The Polaroid company had invented a camera that did not require a negative and produced the pictures in just a few seconds. It was a sensation at the time. But the rise and fall of analogue photography lasted less than a hundred years. While photography had to assert itself against painting in its early days, today it has to assert itself against the technical possibilities of digital modernity. However, the relevance of photography is unbroken and instant cameras have now been rediscovered and have become cult objects for a young generation. Polaroid is also the medium of the artist Inge Dick, who is hosting an exhibition at the Hotel Kristiania Lech this winter. Gerda Ridler will be holding an artist talk with the renowned artist.

Afterwards, we invite you to a salon discussion with the experts Felix Hoffmann (Foto Arsenal Vienna) Rainer Iglar (Fotohof Salzburg) and Gerda Ridler (Landesgalerie Niederösterreich). We discussed photo art and photo artists, collecting and properly storing photography, the history of the Polaroid collection and the importance of the two institutions Fotohof Salzburg and the recently founded new centre for photography Foto Arsenal Wien.


Februar 6, 2024, 4.30pm, Kristiania Lech