Summer Edition


We invite epicureans, art lovers, the adventurous kind and those who simply want peace of mind for a private summer season at Kristiania Lech. Our summer edition project is celebrating everything beautiful from contemporary art to Austrian joie d’vivre and our wonderful Arlberg mountains in pristine nature. With unlimited gourmet delights included and a limited number of rooms and suites, this is your chance to choose an extraordinary summer 2023.


Think “artsy Sommerfrische”:  Banksy meets Frank Sinatra and Empress Sisi for a soul searching hiking tour in a breathtaking alpine setting, Lech.

Gertrud Schneider & Team


A seat and something sweet . . .?

A seat and something sweet . . .?

Your Journey starts here . . .

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Privacy reaches new hights . . .


Private dining ma´am . . . ?


Summer vacation reimagined

It is a mountain summer escape in an intimate family-run and elegant hotel, available to only a handful of guests, where you can enjoy unrivalled privacy, a private spa suite, exceptional cuisine on demand included in the rates, a reading butler who sources your favourite books, a lazy snooze in the sun, a day packed with art & culture, hiking in pristine nature, sun kissed mountain peaks & fresh air, a DJ in residence and perfectly crafted cocktails for sunset, a cinema under the stars... 

Or you could stop imagining and simply ask for an invitation?

Kristiania Lech Gertrud Schneider

Gertrud Schneider

Inspiration for Generation

One of the few people you will meet at Kristiania Lech is Gertrud Schneider, the owner and manager of the hotel. As the daughter of Austria’s first alpine Olympic champion and founder of the hotel, Othmar Schneider, Gertrud is no stranger to the great Austrian "Sommerfrische" and the art of fine hospitality. Although she can usually be found attending to the personal requests of guests, who she considers extended family, you may also catch her hiking and gardening, managing her art collection or finding a new way to make the Kristiania experience WOW.

65,392 Restaurants

Moveable Feast

We have 65,392 restaurants. Well, not exactly, but given that we can offer what you want, when you want, wherever you want it, the options are almost endless. Our Unlimited Gastronomy service for this summer takes our already renowned culinary flair to the next level. Whether you wish to savour a healthy nutritional vegan plate, a delicious lunch paired with regional wine, enjoy homemade cake at 3pm at a comfortable private table set up in the mountain meadow  or have a brunch at midnight while our butler reads A Movable Feast to you and Dean Martin’s Blue Moon plays in the background, the choice is yours and yours alone. What’s more, it’s all included! The typical Austrian “Sommerfrische”- clean mountain air and water – and Kristiania Lech’s signature effortless elegance will help you to take home your personal “magic" memories. Think “Leichtigkeit des Seins”

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Summer Edition 2021  Inclusions: Welcome amenities ⎮ Breakfast served privately in your room, your balcony or outdoor and in the dining room ⎮Hiker’s Picnic ⎮ Afternoon tea with cake ⎮ Limitless access to Angelina’s mountain Schanigarten featuring Austrian wines and litte snacks by a guest chef ⎮ Unlimited sunset cocktails at Othmar’s⎮ All Art & Culture events at Kristiania Summer Edition ⎮Valet Parking


Amuse me . . .

Summer experiences that will blow your mind

Easy, we have something for whatever you're into.

There's a private dance club for those who like it hot, snow picnics and snowshoe hikes for those who like things icy and other experiences that can be designed for your wildest fantasies

Kristiania Lech Spa

Privat Spa Suite

VVVIP spa service

In case you missed it, privacy is paramount at Kristiania Lech. As a result, you can enjoy our retro-chic spa all to yourself. Leave your worries (and everything and everyone else) at the door and immerse yourself in Susanne Kaufmann’s Austrian organic and sustainable products, an après mountain ritual treatment, a spa bath of bliss…and perhaps a bottle of Champagne under our Jacuzzi’s disco ball?  

Kristiania Lech

Limited Rooms & Suites

Room for your Ego

With only limited rooms & suites available, Kristiania Lech will not merely look private, it will sound private too. All categories exude elegance and comfort while expressing our delightful artistic attitude… and if you find it too quiet to sleep, you can call our sleeping butler who will create an atmosphere that is just right for you. Inspired by the Grand Tour. Choose between Africa or Asia while experiencing "Sommerfrische" in the Arlberg mountains.

Kristiania Lech

Meet the Artist

Art & Culture at the Hotel

Our summer edition can help slow you down, but it will also light you up! We pride ourselves in creating unique and memorable experiences that deliver a smorgasbord of sensations and this summer will be even more remarkable than usual. By converting a selection of suites into private galleries that celebrate our outstanding artists in residence, and placing creative surprises throughout our hotel, you will find something new and inspiring around every corner...​

. . .  and meet the oevre of many artists . . .

Vanessa Henn


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PSST. . . . Heard about the latest events & offers? Lucky you saw this page because it isn´t one you wouldn´t want to miss. Your stay in Lech is about to get a LOT more interesting.