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Kostakos Top Ten

  1. Enjoying an espresso while watching the waves over my veranda in Mykonos is the best kick off for the day
  2. Top priority is a long morning walk along with my 3 other family members, my English bulldogs
  3. Daily ride for a visit to my suppliers, my fisherman, the garden and a long walk to collect wild herbs
  4. By then it's time for an energy booster, Kagianas - a traditional Greek recipe with eggs, olive oil, tomatoes and feta cheese - always works
  5. Quick check on my emails and social media, chat with friends, fellow chefs and partners
  6. Let's cook, some final details and the menu is almost ready, always to the sound of Red Hot Chili Peppers
  7. It's lunch time. Hidden traditional Greek taverns and simple food, under the sunlight and among friends, is always a successful recipe
  8. 1, 2 or maybe more ice cream scoops work as D-tox after the workday is over.
  9. Recap meeting with my team, where a fight sooner or later transforms into laughter
  10. Besides my yearly trips, I spend most of the summertime in Mykonos, with a Zacapa shot or a Mai Tai as the end titles of the day.