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Anchalika’s Favorite Things

She is mother of two lovely boys and a passionate hoteliere.
Her defining mantra is 'rewarding lifestyles'. Anchalika says, „We go beyond simply creating and managing resorts to fostering unique environments that exceed expectations in terms of design, intuitive service and luxurious ambience".

It's hard for me to find 10 favorite I don't have much attachment to "things" in general. For me, it's what I do with my loved ones that I always have close to my heart.

  1. Reading bedtime stories to my 2 sons, it always takes about half an hour to negotiate how many stories I have to read before they go to bed.
  2. My handmade silver Yard - O - Led fountain pen, the only one I would use for my signature and write personal cards and letters. It has the right weight on my hand, completely beaten up with scratches and age.
  3. My old rental grand piano, I have just started learning how to play piano together with my 4 year old son, and discovered that it is so therapeutic, it relaxes me to practice whenever I can find 15 minutes here and there 
  4. Aleenta's bedsheets which are milled just for us. I use them at home, they are 500 count pure Egyptian Cotton long stem with satin finish. I slip right in and out and so crisp and soft and white.
  5. My oversized Aleenta's signature white goose down pillow, it's just the right size to prop you up in bed and envelope you for a perfect long reading session. By now you get the idea, I like to spend time in my bed.
  6. The new beach kaftan I have just designed and made for our boutiques at the resort, hand painted silk chiffon. Perfect cover up for the afternoon on the beach.
  7. Sitting by the pool, watching the kids play, on Sunday afternoon
  8. My husband's watches which are always too big on my wrist. I borrow them all the time.
  9. SKII facial mask. I always pack one on my long flight and give a good fright to all the air hostesses. It gives my skin that extra boost of moisture because the cabin's air is always so dry.
  10. Our annual ski holidays, it's one thing I look forward to all year long. We always go to the same place in Aspen, but this year, we are going to be so lucky to come to Kritiania Lech!