FFM Filderbahnfreunde Möhringen

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Micheline Kober, * 1968 in Herrenberg, DE
Daniel Mijic, * 1969 in Ravensburg, DE
live and work in Stuttgart

Homepage: https://www.filderbahnfreundemoehringen.de

exhibitions at Michael Sturm Gallery:

BLUE NOTE – Marc PoKempner - Photography and members of the gallery (2015)
Filderbahnfreundemöhringen FFM - Wegen Umbauarbeiten geöffnet (2015)
Schau doch mal rein! (2015)
L’onde della tempesta (2010)
Sven Braun - FFM - Laura Letinsky (2006)

The filderbahnfreundemöhringen (ffm; Friends of the Filder Railway in Möhringen) has been existence since 1999 with changing membership. The core of this group of artists is currently represented by Michelin Kober and Daniel Mijic. For more than ten years, their usually site-specific interventions, paired with subversive humor and cryptic presentations, have vexed the public. The projects of the ffm are distinguished by self-contained form and statement but also by a deliberate openness in terms of people and characters who complete the work or produce it in the first place. For a given work or the duration of an action, they become “associate” members of the artists’ group.

For example, the live sheep in the installation Mäh (Baa) give form, in a sense, to their own being and existence (2001). The artists’ mothers played the lead role in the exhibition The Mothers of Invention (2005). 

The filderbahnfreundemöhringen devoted an entire room of an exhibition to the clumsy agent’s assistant Northberg and his slapstick props and an entire artist’s life to the fictive artist Friedrich Fuhrmann. The popular SWR 4 radio moderator Michael Branik appeared live in his studio to respond to listeners’ calls, with no idea that he was taking part in a work of art. Anyone who gets involved, deliberately or involuntarily, in an exhibition project by the filderbahnfreundemöhringen can count on some surprises.