Claudia Larcher

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*born in Bregenz
lives and works in Vienna


« Transmedia Art » at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna


exhibitions at Lisi Hämmerle Gallery:

face2face (2020)

exhibitions at Michael Sturm Gallery:

Mathias Garnitschnig, Claudia Larcher, Liddy Scheffknecht, Brigitte Stahl im Oberlichtraum (2011)

Claudia Larcher’s works generate a continuum of space and time that does not actually exist in reality. In her videos and collages Larcher reconstructs the wandering of the look over real architectural surfaces whose spatial connection will break down, however, finally, in itself. In her videos this is not immediately visible, but is only revealed in moments when for example the metal track that the camera runs along suddenly ends in a void. Later the edges become lines and the rooms become abstract flickering images, or single elements start to split up like in a kaleidoscope. Works like Empty Rooms or Baumeister repeat the structure and movement of certain existing architectures. 

Essential here is the process of emergence: Larcher did not directly film the space itself, but photographs of the space taken beforehand. The gaze of the camera is not that of a moving camera, but an animation, in a certain sense a fake, replicated gaze. This on assembly, collage or sampling based method refers to an important theme in postmodernism, where it becomes impossible to distinguish between original and copy, model and replica, reality and imagination. The redundancy and yet fragmentary nature of all documentation and depiction of reality is revealed.

Ines Gebetsroither