Winter experiences that will blow your mind


At Kristiania, everything feels possible. Our butlers will take care of your (and your dog’s) every need – including your artistic needs as we believe art is a necessity. You can also get the adrenalin pumping during ski activities, get romantic on a Moroccan rug in the snow, switch to hipster mode with your private DJ and much, much more.

Why only one Butler?

Ski Butler

We can source the skis just right for you and have them cleaned, tuned and ready for your run on the pistes. You can also expect skiing tips and that little extra.

Reading Butler

There’s really no need to bring a book to Kristiania. All you need to do is ask our reading butler for your author or book of choice and we will do the rest.

Breakfast & Diner  Butler

As our Unlimited Gastronomy offer is truly personalised, your culinary butler can inspire you with choices and help you set up your dream scheme for all your meals. 

Dog Butler

Your pooch will want to join this winter break. Tails will be wagging on designer equipment, during dining, dog photography sessions and along recommended walks. 

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Picnic in the snow

Here’s an unconventional experience for the adventurous pleasure seekers desiring a romantic touch. Watch the awe-inspiring Vorarlberg Alps from a reclining position on thick Moroccan rugs, wrapped in fur blankets. You’ll be sure to stay warm with a fire bowl beside you and some delicious cuisine and Champagne inside you! (1,5 hours)


Watch an extraordinary evening skyscape in between viewing your favourite flick at our outdoor cinema (Kaminzimmer). This private experience includes a flying buffet dinner, drinks of your choice and elegant fires to warm the ambience.


Höhenflug.  A little exhibition in the Garage by art gallery Sturm & Schober showing artists atelierJAK, Vanessa Henn, Thomas Gänszler, Filderbahnfreundemöhringen FFM (Michelin Kober & Daniel Mijic), Nina Rike Springer and many more.

Watch the sky! World-famous American artist James Turrell designed a Lightroom where sky and earth seem to encounter one another from a new point of view in the high alpine landscape of Lech.

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There will always be something remarkable to do this winter at the Kristiania. Our experiences have been designed to ensure maximum enjoyment, comfort and social distancing, so you can simply enjoy the journey. Our concierge team are looking forward to tailoring our experiences to suit your individual desires. 

Forest Retreat

Follow our private guide to the serenity of the forest, where you can set your mind free (and your body, if you wish to dip into the river!). Expect an invigorating and restorative experience in nature… and for that little extra adventure you can cross-country ski to the destination. This is an ideal option for those seeking a meditative escape away from civilisation.

2 hours

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Ice Fishing & Warm Schnapps

You may have gone fishing before but have you tried ice fishing? Join our expert fisherman Andy for a memorable fishing experience in picturesque Zug. Your warm, smoked char will not be the only item on the menu – be prepared for regional delicacies, such as a shot of herbal schnapps!

2.5 hours


Deer Watching

Our local hunter will take you on an alpine safari into the hidden wonders of the Austrian wild. During your expedition, you will learn the skills of animal tracking and have a chance to take a deer shot (with your camera that is!).

2.5 hours

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Art @ Home

For those wishing to explore art in the sanctuary of the hotel, Gertrud Schneider invites you to Kristiania’s garage gallery, where the resident artist can personally guide you through their work. Combined art and culinary experiences are also scheduled for this winter, so make sure to check our events page! | duration: 1.5-3 hours

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Going Slow in the Snow 

Who says you have to speed down a ski run? Perhaps you simply want to lie back in a chaise longue in the snow (or a designer deckchair), wrapped in a duvet and warmed with the help of a hot water bottle and vin chaud (or Alpine Negroni). Rest your eyes or dip into the book recommended by our reading butler. | duration: Your own time


A Taste of the Past

Take a snowshoe hike to Bürstegg where you will experience the first Walser settlement in Lech. Once you arrive, you will be greeted with a historic mountain picnic including traditional bread, homemade butter and regional sausages. You will also enjoy a warm alpine foot ritual (Holzbottiche) in a private room. To ensure your feet stay warm, you will also be given a pair of alpine knitted socks as a souvenir.

5 hours


Private Dance Club

Book our private outdoor mountain club and enjoy the spirit of St. Tropez at 1,444m. You are sure to stay in high spirits with the sounds from our resident DJ and a magnum bottle of Champagne for two.

2 hours

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The Mountain Hermit

Get to know the secrets of the mountain hermit by understanding how to forage for winter delicacies, precious bark and other forest naturals and by learning how to use them for culinary delights and health elixirs.
1.5 hours

Lech Zuers Tourismus by Daniel Zangerl (160).jpg

Art & Adventure

Take a snowshoe hike to landart of James Turrell's Sky Space Lech and to Antony Gormley’s France man sclupture. Your guide will make sure you take the best route, share their artistic insights… and treat you to a glühwein or tea picnic. | duration: 3 hours

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