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Pure Blue Foundation

When Anchalika Kijkanakorn started Aleenta Resorts and the Akaryn Hospitality Management Services Group, her sincerest wish was to make sure that wherever a resort is built, the tranquil environment that first attracted her would not just be preserved, but safeguarded for a better tomorrow.

With this philosophy in mind, I would like to highlight the grave plight that has befallen the seas and oceans, and what together we can do to help.

Anchalika has started the Pure Blue Foundation which is a non profit organization whose objective is to protect, preserve, and where possible help nature to reproduce our beloved ocean.?? Each year, Yann and his team at the Aleenta Phuket organizes a fundraising event for the foundation. This year, it will be on the 1st Dec 2012. There are many festivities planned and each year, they raise enough funding to care for a number of marine turtles hatchlings and various reef re generation efforts.

Saturday, 1st December, 7 pm
Aleenta Resort & Spa Naitai Beach, Phuket, Thailand