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Ori Kafri`s Top Ten

As most hoteliers, Ori Kafri is a perfectionist. Nevertheless, design is not at the top of the list, but the soul of a hotel. It is his highest intention to make sure a hotel leaves something to its guests – and this is on behalf of the people, either the people working at the property or the people staying there.

Ori Kafris Top Ten:
1. Spent time with my wife and kids
2. Visit Uruguay, my wifes homeland, in particular Punta del Estes during summertime, as La Huella! Offers you the best lunch of all times
3. We love LA and have to make a stopover at least once a year, as one of our most favorite restaurants is NOBU Malibu
4. We love to see our family in Israel and enjoy to stay in Norman hotel in Tel Aviv
5. We never forget to visit Le 5 in St. Tropez at any time
6. Florence is our hometown and we love the magic of walking through the town at night
7. We love to experience real roman cuisine in the most traditional places in Rome
8. My passion is Formentera, as I believe it is one of the most terrific summer destinations in Europe
9. Our secret passion is going to the cinema at least once a week