My favourite places 45 b

My favourite places

Baden Baden, Germany:
One of the most beautiful places for Spa and the Classic Music World - not least because of the great Brenner's Park Hotel - one of my favourite luxury hotels in the World. Baden Baden is situated right next to the Black Forest and embedded into the green surroundings of world-famous Lichtentaler Alley. Enchanting pastoral idyll, urban cultural lifestyle, fabulous wines, mouthwatering food, ...

Salzburg, Austria:
Salzburg is so special to me; I've been going there my whole life. I'll always associate Salzburg with wonderful memories of operas and concerts and happy times spent with important people in my life. And of course Dirndl shopping.

A land where the lava fields, glacial valleys and ancient lore never fail to captivate. Traversing this exquisite landscape of untamed natural beauty, straying gloriously off the beaten path. I am in awe. The sense that you are in the company of the elves, trolls and the sword-wielding heroes of Viking fantasy and legend is impossible to shake.

London, Paris & Venice:
For art, culture, food and inspiration these are my three preferred cities.

Tel Aviv:
The city is so vibrant and inspiring. I love the white city, the amazing Bauhaus buildings, unique galleries and outstanding museum architecture.

My friends Fiona and Aukse recently went to Africa to see the Gorillas. And Peter Browne, Conde Nast Traveller Magazine writes: „The red earth smells rich and ripe; through the drizzle and mist the landscape glows emerald. Have I ever seen anywhere so fecund and abundant?" I'm inspired to go. Seeing the Gorillas is form e a dream come true.

On my wishlist is a trip to Buthan. Buthan culture is one of the most beautiful and colorful. I am dreaming about the mountains, their valley's scenic beauty - the Tiger Nest, of course!