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Lilli's favorite things

This is probably thanks to her infectious enthusiasm! When you're receiving instruction with so much care and confidence, then racing down a slope on a pair of skis is simply great fun. And if the fun is there right from the start, then technique and safety on the pistes is bound to come naturally. At least this is the experience of Lilly Rieger, who has spent several years at the Zürs Ski School teaching children to ski and trying out new experiences with the more practised skiers.

1. A SkiArlberg Season Ski Pass - it's extremely convenient to have one!
2. Völkl MANTRA Skis - the only true skis, perfect for every occasion and in all conditions.
3. Steak and beer after an amazing day on the slopes, ideally at the Hirlanda in Zürs.
4. Beauty products from La Biosthétique - I really love how they smell!
5. Relaxing in a crystal clear, secret mountain lake not far from where I live.
6. Dogs! Especially German Shepherds. I only wish I had enough time to have one.
7. Books by Jussi Adler Olsen - awesome!
8. My little stuffed polar bear. Even at 26 years of age, he goes everywhere with me.
9. Watching downhill ski racing on TV - Go for Gold, Marcel Hirscher and the rest of Team Austria in Sochi!
10. Playing cards, preferably "Watten" with my Dad, which is a long-standing tradition in our house.