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Florian Pumhösl Räumliche Sequenz

Photo 1
Florin Pumhösl
Installation view 3rd Floor
Kunsthaus Bregenz
Photo: Christian Hinz

I can't wait to see Florian Pumhösl at the Kunsthaus Bregenz here at Lake Constance. Florian Pumhösl (born 1971, lives in Vienna) is a rarity in his generation of Austrian artists in having rigorously and cogently developed an independent abstract formal and pictorial language. For all its rigor of expression this language wields a highly impressive range of contemporary references and has immense visual potential. HisHis central engagement with the historical formal vocabulary of modernism and its specific thematic issues is typical of Florian Pumhösl's work. What interests him frequently is not only the genealogical derivation of a particular form, but also its social and political setting. His projects are often preceded by lengthy and involved research that can take him to countries such as Japan, Tanzania, or, as recently, to the Finnish-Russian region of Karelia.

Photo: Miriam Unger

3. Sketch
Preparatory sketch for Räumliche Sequenz, 2012
Blck Print
Photo: Wakrus Wörgötter; c Florian Pumhösl

Installation view 1st Floor
Kunsthaus Bregenz
Photo Hannes Böck
Copyricht: c Florian Pumhösl, Kunsthaus Bregenz

Florian Pumhösl will be presenting a new series at the Kunsthaus Bregenz titled Räumliche Sequenz [Spatial Sequence] specially produced for the occasion. The work consists of plaster panels in three different sizes grouped in threes, the order of each trio beginning with the smallest and ending with the largest format. On view until January 20th, 2013.