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Collection Hubert Looser

I can't wait to see The Hubert Looser Collection, with its focus on Abstract Expressionism, Minimal Art and Arte Povera. The Collection will move to the Kunsthaus Zuerich extension in 2017. By way of a preview, the Kunsthaus is exhibiting almost the entire collection in the context of its creation. It ranges from works by Pablo Picasso and Alberto Giacometti to Asian sculptures; there is also a glimpse into the private spaces of their owner.

Hubert Looser born in 1938 in Vilters (St. Gallen) and is now living in Zurich. Looser a patron of the arts and former businessman Hubert Looser has, over a 40-year period, assembled a dazzling collection of art, the majority of it contemporary.

Picture 1.
Willem de Kooning, Triptych (Untitled V, Untitled II, Untitled IV), 1985
Öl auf Leinwand, 203,2 x 177,8 cm / 195,6 x 223,5 cm / 203,2 x 177,8 cm
© The Willem de Kooning Foundation / 2013 ProLitteris, Zürich

Picture 2.
Portrait Hubert Looser
Foto © Christian Scholz

Picture 3.
Agnes Martin, Ohne Titel, 1998
Acrylfarbe und Grafit auf Leinwand, 152,4 x 152,4 cm
© 2013 ProLitteris, Zürich

Picture 4.
Ellsworth Kelly, White Curve, 2003
bemaltes Aluminium, 75,4 x 442 x 1,9 cm, AL/Ed. 1/2
© Ellsworth Kelly

Picture 5.
Sean Scully
Wall of Light Red Green, 2007
Öl auf Leinwand, 197 x 232 cm
© Sean Scully

Picture 6.
Richard Serra, Finkl-forge, 1991
Ölkreide auf Papier, 168,2 x 328,6 cm
© 2013 ProLitteris, Zürich

Picture 7.
Yves Klein
ANT 37, um 1960
Reines Pigment und Kunstharz auf Papier auf Leinwand, 79 x 29,5 cm
© 2013 ProLitteris, Zürich

In order to keep central groups of works and masterpieces together and make them accessible to the public on a long-term basis, in 2012 the Zuercher Kunstgesellschaft and the Fondation Hubert Looser reached an agreement under which the Kunsthaus Zuerich can choose 70 works from the private collection and exhibit them as long-term loan in the Kunsthaus extension. With the presentation set to become a reality in 2017, the Kunsthaus is now organizing the first showing of the entire Looser Collection in Switzerland.