Anchalika's Top Ten
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Anchalika's Top Ten

Anchalika's favourite things are mostly of the emotional kind and centre on her family and friends. So we were all the happier that she was able to come up with a few other things after all:

  1. Reading bedtime stories. It always takes at least half an hour of tough negotiation with my sons on how many stories I have to read before they go to bed.
  2. My silver Yard-O-Led fountain pen. The only one I would ever use for signatures or personal postcards or letters. It has the perfect weight and has acquired its very own charm from all the years of use.
  3. My piano. I have just started to learn piano with my four-year-old son. And it is so wonderfully relaxing, almost therapeutic even, whenever I find a few minutes to practise.
  4. Aleenta's sheets. We have them specially made for us from pure Egyptian cotton, and I also use them at home. You just slide in, and they are fantastically white, crisp and yet soft at the same time.
  5. My oversize Aleenta down pillow. It is exactly the right size to support my back and snuggle into for a really long, perfect read. I love spending time in bed!
  6. The new beach kaftan made of hand-painted silk chiffon I have designed for our boutiques. It is perfect for an afternoon at the beach.
  7. Sitting by the pool on a Sunday afternoon, watching the children play.
  8. My husband's watches. They are always too big on my wrist, but I still borrow them all the time.
  9. "SKII" face mask. I always apply one if I'm on a long-haul flight - much to the horror of the cabin crew. But it gives my skin a little moisture boost - the air is always too dry on planes.
  10. Our skiing holiday. I look forward to it the whole year round. We usually go to Aspen, but this time we are lucky enough to be staying at the Kristiania Lech.