Spa Butler Services

Spa Butler Services

Our spa therapist can arrange your own private wellness time in your room, exactly as you want; be treated with nurturing oils, along with ethereal fragrances and scented herbal tea - to detoxify, relax, calm or stimulate as you require.

Good Morning or Good Night Service

Enjoy a soothing neck or head massage, or bathe in aromatic oils with scented candles in the privacy of your room - entirely as you want, either in the morning or the evening.

Bath Butler

Based on your preferences, our spa therapist can prepare for you in your room a wonderful candlelit bath experience complete with nurturing oils and ethereal fragrances, giving you an enchanted private oasis of wellness for two. Choose a glass of champagne, a cocktail or a fragrant tea to accompany the experience.

Sleeping Butler

Even in a winter wonderland like the Kristiania, it can be hard to shake off the day's events and get to sleep. Our dream butler will create in your room an atmosphere conducive to sleep, tailored to your needs, and can also offer you many secret tips about good sleep and how to fall asleep.