American History presented in KRISTIANIA LECH

Weinberg Arlberg Opening at Kristiania

Tuesday, 03 December 2019
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Our chef Martin Schnitzer brings his friend Marc Collins to Lech. This is a very special moment for us, as Marc Collins is a celebrity in Texas! As an advocate of the dining traditions of the United States, he fights healthy diet and child obesity. At the Circa 1886 restaurant in Charleston, Collins serves a menu  reminiscent of the Native American cuisine, showing the influences of European immigrants, celebrating the flavours of African immigrant cuisine, and finally bringing all this to light in contemporary Southern American cuisine. The evening at KRISTIANIA LECH is a journey through the (culinary) history of the USA. The wines come from various American wineries.

Hotel Kristiania, Lech - Menu 145 Euro per person - Start 19:00 - Registration 05583-25610
American History presented in KRISTIANIA LECH