Meet the Artist. Gerald Moser.


"Meet the Artists" is a unique opportunity to mingle with the oeuvre of artists we love and recommend and maybe even meet some in person at Kristiania.

Gerald Moser. 

Interdisciplinarity and complex multilayers are the main characteristics of Gerald Moser's integral works. His project-specific identity shifts from artist to curator to exhibition designer, explaining his focus on a dialogue between genres. Aiming to enable new ways of perception and point of views, he dismisses all labels as well as the blank and non-obvious: In the midst, he establishes a field full of tension yet a room to be filled with one's experiences.

His works often turn out to be manuals for the audience, inviting people to approach his work not only through the eyes, but emotionally, and with all their being.

Vernissage. 17th December 2022, 4pm at the garage