Meet the Artist. Heartbreaksessions. Art with FFM.

"Meet the Artists" is a unique opportunity to mingle with the oeuvre of artists we love and recommend and maybe even meet some in person at Kristiania.

FFM. Filderbahnfreundemöhringen. An artist collective with a focus on installations and action art. (Un) comfortably wedged between architecture and sculpture they create places of rest and contemplation and offer unexpected views into hitherto hidden aspects of any space.

FFM transform the garage of Kristiania Lech into a music rehearsal studio. Sound-absorbing panels will be installed on the walls and the floor will be carpeted. Equipped with a small drum set, guitar and bass, and a microphone stand, this temporary rehearsal space is used by the band "Friendly Fire Machine" to perform the song Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley. The line-up is open: the team of the hotel, guests, passers-by, the gallery owners, the friends of Kristiania... whoever feels like jamming is invited.

The rehearsal room is available to guests and friends of the Kristiania Lech for the duration of the exhibition until April 2023.


Finissage. 8th April 2023, 4pm at the garage