Meet the Artist. Beatriz Olano.


"Meet the Artists" is a unique opportunity to mingle with the oeuvre of artists we love and recommend and maybe even meet some in person at Kristiania.

Beatriz Olano. 

“It can be said that the history of modern art (in particular) is the history – retold and repeated - of the internal architecture of the work, seen simultaneously as container and content. Nevertheless, the work of art only exists, and can be seen, in the context of the museum/gallery that surrounds it, for which it is destined, and to which, notwithstanding, very little attention is given”. Daniel Braun

The work of Colombian artist Beatriz Olano is characterised by the use of geometry, colour and lines as well as by the important relationships between objects and spaces. Many of her works exude an almost architectural feel. Strong influences from artists such as Mondrian, Malevich and Rothko can be seen in her work.


Finissage. 8th April 2023, 4pm in the Kristiania dining rooms