"Climate change & viticulture"

Masterclass for Sommeliers in collaboration with Arlberg Weinberg The impact of climate change on viticulture. An environmentally awareness wine tasting for sommeliers.

Five top winegrowers explain how climate change is impacting viticulture in general and their estates in particular. We will be serving wines to illustrate the arguments. Don't miss this one-of-a-kind Zeitgeist event.

With Mathieu Perrin (Chateau Beaucastel), Armin Tement, Alwin Jurtschitsch, Martin Lichtenberger (Lichtenberger-Gonzalez), Christoph Wachter (Wachter-Wiesler) - Moderation: Sascha Speicher (Editor-in-Chief Meininger Verlag).


Sommeliers only

Sunday, 11th December 2022, 4:30pm