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Pure Blue Foundation

When Anchalika Kijkanakorn founded the Akaryn Hospitality Management Services Group (AHMS) and built up the Aleenta Resorts, she was determined not simply to conserve nature around her resorts but to actively protect it in the long-term - "for a better tomorrow".

Her Pure Blue Foundation, which is dedicated to protecting the oceans, is part of that same determination. For years now, Pure Blue has been supporting the regeneration of the coral reefs in the Gulf of Thailand, which have been decimated by environmental influences and the rising water temperature. Since 2012, the foundation has been working with the specific goal of restoring something approaching the original biodiversity to the reefs. Another of its concerns are leatherback turtles, an endangered species which it hopes to help save from extinction by setting up breeding centres and other measures.

Pure Blue is a non-profit organisation, which is why the Aleenta Resorts regularly organise exclusive fundraising events for the foundation. The events are extremely successful and have already started to make a positive impact.

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