Frohe Weihnachten im Kristiania

Erleben Sie ein zauberhaftes Weihnachtsfest im Kristiania mit einem exquisiten 6-Gänge-Menü am Heiligen Abend, 24. Dezember, wenn eine Abordnung der Lecher Blasmusik Weihnachtslieder rund um den Weihnachtsbaum spielt und alle gemeinsam "Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht" singen. Am 25. Dezember wird ein 4-Gänge-Weihnachtsessen serviert, und am Nachmittag kommt der Weihnachtsmann zu allen Kristiania-Kindern zum Tee. Grund genug, eine weiße Weihnacht in Lech zu verbringen.

"I woke Christmas morning next to you under the eaves of our room at the Kristiania. We were on the top floor – down the stairs, the children were still asleep in their room. I could see your hair buried beneath the duvet... It was still snowing – it had started again during the night. The flakes were enormous and they drifted down to forms on the ground. The deck chairs where we’d sat together were under inches of snow. We’d watched the kids build a snowman there, drinking cocoa, and then stood together by the fire... The morning had a softness – like the hotel itself. The beds, the couches, the carpets, the towels – everything was soft. There’s a serenity to the hotel – you forget that you’re not in a home… We had sung carols on Christmas Eve in the lounge. You played the piano next to the Christmas Tree (the piano player was gracious!) and the guests joined in – the English, the Germans, the French! Even the kids sang. The room was lit with candles. We’d had a perfect dinner... We put the kids to bed – just like home – and slipped back to the lounge for some last Champagne beside the Christmas tree. You'd never looked more beautiful. We watched the fireworks in the village, then climbed the stairs to bed... On Christmas day we had breakfast together, then we walked on a trail next to the Lech brook, with the hotel's Golden Retriever bounding along. The snow squeaked as we stepped. I thought back on other Christmas Days we’ve had together. The wrapping paper. The sweaters. The headaches from the night before. Lech is what we had always wanted. The Kristiania made it come true.” (Weihnachtsbrief an das Kristiania von einem unserer glücklichen Gäste…)

Rufen Sie uns an und fragen Sie nach einer Dinner-Reservierung oder unserem Weihnachtspaket ab 4 Nächten und wir lassen Ihre Träume wahr werden!





Sonntag, 24. Dezember 2023, 19.00 Uhr

Preis: Eur 240 pro Person (inklusive Champagne Empfang); Kinder bis 12 Jahre EUR 120 pro Kind

Kleidung. Smoking, elegant