Closing of Art parks in our garage.

Höhenflug. A pop-up art gallery in collaboration with Sturm & Schober. Celebrate with us the opening of the 2022/23 exhibition. Michael Sturm, Gabriel Schober and Gertrud Schneider welcome guests into Kristiania’s garage, where works of contemporary art will be on display. Silvie Aigner, from Parnass art magazine, will lead through the vision of the pop-up gallery and the art projects for winter 2022/23.  

Several highlights include: Beatriz Olano, Gerald Moser, atlierJAK, Wolfram Ullrich, Russell Maltz, Inge Dick, Herman de Vries, Morris, FFM and many more.


Finissage. Saturday 8th April 2023, from 4pm on.

Artist Beatriz Olano will be on site.